The Field exists to promote ongoing engagement with meditation practices that cultivate the flourishing of human kindness and awareness.


At The Field we present meditation as a simple, secular, and human approach to cultivating well-being. When we work with what is already happening in our experience, we find the resource to skillfully participate in the the world around us.

No affiliation or previous experience is necessary.


Secular & Human Practices

Being a human being is the only requirement to practice meditation with The Field. Outdated cultural and sectarian distortions sometimes deter people from meditation practice. We aspire to encourage the simple practice of honoring embodiment and stillness.

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What Do We Offer?

We provide modern methods that promote awareness, kindness and mindful living. We tailor the practice to your specific needs. There are a range of methods that promote stress reduction, enhanced sleeping patterns, and the reduction of healthcare costs.

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Who Are We?

We are veteran meditation practitioners with a commitment to propagating mind-training methods that ease unnecessary suffering.

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Heart-Centered Practice

Meditation honors our connection to the natural world as well as our connection to the human community. Practicing with other humans provides a rich and dynamic experience.


Meditation is an opportunity to recognize that we have all the tools we need. We can choose to fully engage with our human hurt and fragility. We work with what arises. We do not need to court a fantasy of ‘resolving’ our lives.


How we work with you

Our classes work from a place of ‘no problem’. Reality is spontaneous and creative just as it is. If we can dissolve our sense that we are fundamentally problematic, we can work from a place of potential, malleability and positive change. We can use meditation as an ornament to our fundamental goodness!