Meditation Instruction
Pricing + Services


Our pricing is always simple and transparent.

Individual instruction is $125 per hour and group classes are always $15 per hour/per practitioner.


Heart-Opening Meditation

$125/hour — When we lead with an open heart, we may find that kindness towards our own vulnerabilities are greatly magnified. Is there a more important practice than learning to cooperate with the world around us? To fluidly move through our changes? As our heart softens we find that we are kinder to ourselves and that attitude is then extended to the vast network of energies and beings that surround us.

Level 1 // Calm Abiding and Mindfulness

$125/hour — Working with our innate capacity to focus and discriminate where we begin and fixation on thoughts ends. This is a great introductory course of study for new practitioners as well as seasoned meditators.

Level II // Calm Abiding and Mindfulness

$125/hour — This course of study will consolidate a practitioner’s foundational commitment to unconditional clarity and open-heartedness. We focus on posture, breath control and moment by moment acuity.

Visualization Practice

$125/hour — Humans have an incredible capacity for visual cognition and imagination. Instead of using our prized imaginative faculty to imagine personal or global disaster, let us make an effort to tame this superpower and put it to work on our behalf.

Meditation for Creatives and Technologists

$125/hour — People working in tech and other machine-intensive fields have a particular set of contemplative needs. This offering goes beyond ‘self-optimization’ tropes and opens practitioners to seizing professional context as a means to nurture flexibility, open-mindedness and kindness.

Yoga Nidra

Personal: $125/hour — Lying-down guided meditation for relaxation and healing. We all need a lie-down! Taking a brief respite from focusing our attention on work and personal life reveals great benefits!

Business: $175/hour — Team building through relaxation! When we are relaxed and in a hypnogogic state we have access to potentialities that are overlooked by the conscious mind. The potentials include the intention to work consciously with our professional capacity and to bring open-hearted awareness to our own vulnerable feelings.

Meditation Check-in

$60/.5 hours — Whether you are using an app to pace your daily practice or you are a full-blown yogi, a check-in with an experienced colleague or mentor can make all the difference!

Field teachers will continually point you back to fundamental immediacy when you feel stuck, obsessed with a method or just plain burnt out.

Ego process can turn almost anything into a stale routine. Return to freshness and chat with someone who recognizes your intrinsic goodness.

Onsite Group Meditation

Hourly estimated on case by case basis — A one hour class each week focused on the relevance of mindfulness-based disciplines in the workplace. Classes will have an educational component, experiential exercises, and time for integration & community building.

Participants will receive a workbook with support materials.

Option for 28 days worth of 5 minute guided audio sessions.