Peter Mcewen

Peter McEwen’s focus is to provide instruction and support for practitioners that are balancing the dizzying array of work and family commitments that modern life demands.

Peter has intimate insight into the day to day challenges of maintaining a daily practice while working at a full-time job. Peter has logged over 10,000 hours of meditation practice and instruction over 20 years. He has twice finished the preliminary practices (Ngöndro) and is participating in the traditional 3-year retreat curriculum of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Kelly Boys

Kelly Boys is a trainer with the United Nations Foundation where she works to deliver a mindfulness and well-being program for UN humanitarian aid workers on the front lines in the Middle East and beyond. She is also a freelance producer at Sounds True Publishing and the host of the Mindfulness Monthly Program which launched February 2017, featuring interviews and fresh content with leading meditation teachers on various themes each month.

She holds a degree in Intercultural Religious Studies and is a certified iRest® meditation teacher, Search Inside Yourself teacher, and is the founding advisor for the meditation app Simple Habit. She teaches retreats and workshops at spots like the Esalen Institute.